Apple in the Eye
The mild aroma and the soft taste of applewood smoke will melt on your taste buds. This mellow, fully smoked Applewood Bacon will define the meaning of bacon. Apple in the Eye includes 2 1/4 lbs. of Applewood Bacon: 3 packages Applewood Bacon, 3/4 lb. each
Bacon Satisfier
The Bacon Satisfier is enough to please any Bacon lover with a taste of each of our specialty bacons. Just thinking about the Bacon Satisfier is enough to build your appetite. The mix of spices and flavors is a vacation for your palate. We send the aroma at no charge. The Bacon Satisfier includes 3.5 lbs of Bacon: 3/4 lb Hickory Smoked Bacon 3/4 lb Applewood Smoked Bacon 3/4 lb Cinnamon Bacon 3/4 lb Pepper Bacon 1/2 lb Canadian Bacon
Breakfast Spice
Our Cinnamon Bacon is made to be paired with a breakfast meal. French toast, maple syrup, and our cinnamon bacon is heavenly. Oh, remember we smoke it with Applewood! Need we say any more? Breakfast Spice includes 2.25 lbs of Cinnamon Bacon: 3 packages of Cinnamon Bacon, 3/4 lb each
Dreymiller & Kray Tradition
For decades we have been making sausage and two of the original ones are our Country Style and Farmer summer sausages. These are great all around sausages. Dreymiller & Kray Tradition includes 1 lb of sausage: 1/2 lb. each of Country Style and Farmer sausage
Gift Basket
Sold Out
The gift basket includes: One (1) Applewood Smoked Bacon (3/4 lbs) One (1) Hickory Smoked Bacon (3/4 lbs) One-half Bone in Old-Fashioned Hickory Smoked Ham (7 1/2 lbs) One (1) Country Style Summer Sausage (1/2 lb) One (1) Jalapeno Summer Sausage (1/2 lb) One (1) Two-Year Aged Cheddar Cheese Smoked With Apple Wood (1/2 lb) One Free Cinnamon Applewood Smoked Bacon (3/4 lb)  
Large Ham Dinner
When your guests arrive for dinner, they will know right away that you have a Dreymiller and Kray ham baking in the oven, the guest will marvel at the aroma. Our ham has been a family tradition since 1929. This bone-in ham will be juicy, moist and will delight everyone who eats it. When the ham is finished, you can get make a great soup or pot of beans with the ham bone! Large Ham Dinner includes: 1 whole ham, 12-15 lbs
Matilda Beer Bacon
Matilda Beer bacon is an award winner in the 2015 American Cured Meat Championship meat judging, a national competition. It gained the title of Champion in its class. This bacon has a flavor of a Belgium pale ale along with a malt hint. Matilda Beer Bacon still has that salty-sweet bacon flavor along with mild Applewood smoke that will make your mouth water. Great to pair with a Goose Island Matilda Beer, on a burger, or to sauté vegetables with. Without question an award-winning beer flavored bacon.
Morning Eye Opener
A cup of coffee may get you moving, but it is the aroma of bacon that stirs the mind and body. In fact, the aroma of Dreymiller & Kray bacon will make you want to get out of bed and get to the table quickly! Morning Eye Opener includes 3lbs of Bacon: 2 packages Hickory Smoke Bacon (3/4 lb each) 2 packages Applewood Smoked Bacon (3/4 lb each)
Nice and Lean Breakfast
If you are looking for a high-protein breakfast with bacon flavor, then look no further. Our Canadian bacon is fully cooked so you only need to reheat it. This is a great way to make a lean and tasty meal. Nice and Lean Breakfast includes 2 lbs. of Canadian Bacon: 4 packages of Canadian Bacon, 1/2 lb. each
Pan of Pork
We call them Hickory Smoked Pork Chops, and in Germany, they would be known as “Kassler Ribs.” Place these fully cooked hickory smoked chops in an iron skillet and you have a pan of pork! These hearty smoked filled chops average a half pound each. They make for an impressive meal that is easy to prepare. Pan of Pork includes: 2 packages of 2 each Smoked Pork Chops (avg 2 lbs total)
Quaint Ham Dinner
Your guests, friends or immediate family will enjoy this every bit as much as the Large Ham Dinner, just in a smaller portion. We take the whole ham and have our butchers cut it in half. Quaint Ham Dinner includes: 1 package with a half ham (6-9 lbs)
Southern Pepper Bell
The south has some great traditions and Pepper Bacon is one of them. The pepper will not overpower your taste buds or the flavor of the smoke. Pepper Bacon has a little zing and is superb whether you have it for breakfast or on a BLT. The Southern Belle includes 2 1/4 lbs. of Pepper Bacon: 3 packages of Pepper Bacon, 3/4 lb. each